Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finally Blogging

So, I finally am writing in my blog thingy :) I would first like to give a shout out to Jess Cramer from helping brainstorm names for my blog, unfortunately I am not brave enough to use the ones that she suggest, although I did love them.
So....I am not exactly sure what I am suppose to write, but I was told blogging is kind of like writing in a journal.
Where do I begin? Hmmm... Well I guess at the beginning :), which would be this September when I moved to Kentucky to live by myself and to start Seminary. It has been a crazy journey. God has shown is love and mercy throughout this crazy time. I can see how his hand has been with me every step of the way. There are so many incidents where I have seen God move and I wish I had started blogging earlier because I know I could not describe all of them for you right now. He has provided me with friends, a great church family, and an amazing school to learn from. At first I didn't know if I would transition well because I was completely by myself, it wasn't an easy move like college where I knew people who lived on my floor; I was completely by myself. Although I was completely by myself in a foreign place (yes Kentucky is foreign), everyday God showed me his love. If you would like to hear specific examples, ask me about it sometime, it's so fun to talk about.
Since I have been to Kentucky I have, been to 2 southern gospel concerts (going to a 3rd in Feb), I have played  intramural basketball and softball (we won the championships!), I am on the worship team at church, I co-teach Sunday school with my friend Jenny, I help out with the tutoring program at church, and participate in things that I would have never done by myself. I go to many places by myself. I had my first experience of grocery shopping by myself, although technically I had to call my mom and Deb Eddings to get me through it. :) 5 months ago, I would have never gone anywhere without wanting someone to go with me. Now I am free to do whatever I want. It's  a great feeling.
I am babysitting three beautiful children who are 4(soon to be 5), 2, and 9months. They are so much fun. I know I am not the mom and not claiming that title, their parents are amazing, but I must admit that I am learning so much about being a parent. I do not know how a mom can feed two kids, while trying to get baby food ready for the third while he is screaming, and still manage to find time to eat food herself and remain sane. I applaud all you mothers and fathers out there. Thank you for your dedication.
Well... I have to be done with this for right now, I have to finish my Bible project I am working on. I have a week and a half then I will be done with my first three classes of Seminary :) YAY! I hope to post more over Christmas break, but I can't promise anything :)