Saturday, August 20, 2011

Video Blog

So this is my first video blog...don't judge.... : )
Not sure why I said "press on towards the goal" haha Maybe I was trying to be like the apostle Paul : )

Friday, August 5, 2011

Last Day

Hello There!
Today is my last day of babysitting. I have mixed emotions about this. I am happy Amie and Alister will be at daycare, so they can make friends and I am happy that Annesley will be in Kindergarten, but I am sad because I will miss them and their silliness. Yes, it is rough sometimes, especially when they are in a fighting mood, but I love them and I have loved being able to hang out with them. Moving on before I get really sad.... last night Teresa and I did not walk. Our trip to Frojos with the other girls was fun and went almost until 10pm, so we couldn't walk. I did take the kids for a walk yesterday, so I had some exercise. Today I will run before we have our weekly Friday hangout at Teresa's. It's not super hot out today, so it should go well... I am excited about running. I enjoy it and I know I will enjoy it more when I can breathe better. :) So I don't know if there is anything more you all want to hear from me. If you would like me to talk about something in particular let me know. PS: I watched Soul Surfer last night. IT IS A MUST HAVE MOVIE!!!!! Go and get it now! :) Talk at you all again soon ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Me time

Hey peeps hey!
I am just here babysitting and I have some me time. Alister and Amie are sleeping and Annesley is looking at books on the couch. I am attempting to write to all of you and watch the Best of the Martins at the same time, but my computer can't handle that much work, so for now the Martins are on pause... Yesterday was my second day to run. I ran for six minutes straight again. It was a bit easier this time because I was running at 9pm and it was only 88 degrees which is cool for what we have been dealing with recently. The last minute was tough because my legs were slowing down without my permission, so I had to work really hard to keep them from stopping. After my run I walked a little over half a mile with my friend Teresa...Tonight the bible study girls and I are going to Fro-Jo's which makes life a bit more complicated ;) After eating yummy deserts Teresa and I are going to walk about a mile while her son is at football practice... So far my legs are only a bit achy, not too bad. It hurts to walk up the steps to my apartment, but other than that I'm fine...Well I'm gonna go because I wanna watch some more of the Martins, you all know my love for them :) Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello friends!
It has been a very long time since I have posted a blog. My life has been super busy, but not very exciting (nothing blog worthy has happened). I have been babysitting everyday and taking class and working at the church and eating and sleeping. Saturday I did go to King's Island, which is an amusement park. It was fun, but very, very HOT! Anyway....I get inspiration to do things at the weirdest times. The other day I was rocking Alister and thought to myself. "I wish I could run...I want to like running, but I am not good at it...I should talk to Simone (my friend who runs) and ask her if she has any tips for me"....Well I texted her about the whole idea and she thought it was a great one. SOOOO......I am announcing that I am training to run a 5k. I am not training to win it, but to finish it :) Yesterday I ran for 6 minutes straight. Simone and I figured that 6 mins would probably be about 1/2 mile. It was hard because it has been so hot. Today I am not running, but I am going to play tennis so that I have some form of exercise. Tomorrow I will run another 1/2 mile and I will then do the same on Friday. I hope that I can blog everyday that I run. I will try to keep you updated. The race is in two months. If you have any tips on diets or running let me know. I hope everyone is having a blessed week!