Friday, August 5, 2011

Last Day

Hello There!
Today is my last day of babysitting. I have mixed emotions about this. I am happy Amie and Alister will be at daycare, so they can make friends and I am happy that Annesley will be in Kindergarten, but I am sad because I will miss them and their silliness. Yes, it is rough sometimes, especially when they are in a fighting mood, but I love them and I have loved being able to hang out with them. Moving on before I get really sad.... last night Teresa and I did not walk. Our trip to Frojos with the other girls was fun and went almost until 10pm, so we couldn't walk. I did take the kids for a walk yesterday, so I had some exercise. Today I will run before we have our weekly Friday hangout at Teresa's. It's not super hot out today, so it should go well... I am excited about running. I enjoy it and I know I will enjoy it more when I can breathe better. :) So I don't know if there is anything more you all want to hear from me. If you would like me to talk about something in particular let me know. PS: I watched Soul Surfer last night. IT IS A MUST HAVE MOVIE!!!!! Go and get it now! :) Talk at you all again soon ;)

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